Fundamental library


The main scientific library of Yaroslavl State Medical University (YSMU) has been functioning since 1944. Nowadays the number of books is more than 500000. There are available more than 300000 items of scientific literature, more than 150000 items of educational literature (textbooks), more than 25000 items of foreign literature and 25000 items of fiction literature items. Now, there are about 8000 readers, most of them (approximately 4500) are students. The library provides the service to more than 20000 of readers per year.

        From 1997, the Internet classes are working at the library for students and for the staff-members. From 1994, the fundamental library is providing free access to the worldwide electronic medical databases: The National Medical Library of USA, State Central Scientific Medical Library (Russia), The Electronic Library of Russian Fundamental Research Fund, etc. Nowadays, the fundamental library of YSMU is providing the electronic access to those materials that are located in more than 12 largest libraries.

        From 2000, the library is an active participant of the project for creating the Unified library system of the city, and this project will consolidate all libraries of Yaroslavl region into the network system with easy and simple electronic access to aforementioned library materials and databases. In YSMU fundamental library, several computer classes are working on the principles of free and opened access. Aforementioned classes are very popular and highly-demanded points of interest both for university employees and students. This is an essential part of university educational and scientific strategy. Since 1997, the librarians and instructors are providing free consultations and education courses how to use modern informational databases and citation systems. This system is allowing the access to the integrated international databases, like Medline (since 1966), Cancerlit (since 1980), and AIDSline (since 1980). The university  provides the access to full electronic versions of the journals issued by Oxford University Press, SCIRO Publishing, International Academic Publisher, Springer, Walter de Gruyter and Co., The Royal Society of Medicine Press Ltd, The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, etc. Also since 1999, the university is the participant of the project declared by publishing house Springer.

        The total number of items in electronic catalogue is equal to approximately 32000 items. It was also created the electronic library of YSMU. This is a part of university network and it is freely accessible at the address